I like to solve problems
with elegant solutions.


Project-driven front end developer with a passion for thoughtful UI design and collaboration.

I've always sought out opportunities to learn new things and take on challenges. My life and professional experience has taken many paths — from attending graduate school in Salt Lake City, to working as a synthetic biology researcher in Italy, to developing safety testing methods for cannabis in Colorado, to being an entrepreneur — I've never stopped engaging my curiosity and desire to contribute, collaborate, and solve problems.

As a web developer, I enjoy working closely with clients to build platforms which serve their business needs, share information, and celebrate their ideas. Being a web developer is a natural fit for utilizing my obsessive attention to detail and my love for creating things. Forever an optimist I believe that when we collaborate we can literally change the world. That's why I'm excited to make a big impact for you and your company.


Screenshot of Fresh Sticky Notes web app
Fresh Sticky Notes

Interactive web app which allows users to store and edit input. Designed in Figma, built with React JS.

  • Designed in Figma.
  • Web app built with React JS.
  • Interactive app where user can search, edit, and delete notes.
  • Lifecycle methods allow user input to be saved between sessions.
Screenshot of Catch of the Day web app
Catch of the Day

Web app with customer order form, updatable inventory, and user authentication built with React JS.

  • Web app built with React JS.
  • User authentication and data storage with Google Firebase.
  • Maintainable code written with JavaScript Modules.
  • URL routing with React Router.
Screenshot of Hotel Search project
Hotel Search

Hotel search web app built with React JS where users can filter search results.

  • Web app built with React Javascript.
  • Used State and Props to filter user search results.
  • Communication between Presentational and Container components.
  • Implemented ES6.
Screenshot of Guess the Word project
Guess the Word

Guess the Word game made interactive with JavaScript.

  • Built with CSS & HTML.
  • Made interactive with JavaScript.
  • Pulled in word database with a REST API.
Screenshot of GitHub Repo Gallery web app
GitHub Repo Gallery

A GitHub Repo Gallery showcasing my coding accomplishments.

  • Built with CSS & HTML.
  • Made interactive and searchable with JavaScript.
  • Used GitHub's API to display user profile and repos.
Screenshot of GitHub User Search App
GitHub User Search

Search for GitHub users by their username. App built with JavaScript using the GitHub User API.

  • Built light/dark mode toggle with CSS variables applying mode themes to the root element as an attribute.
  • Added regular expression(regex) to customize the validation for user input.
  • Connected and extracted user info from the GitHub API .



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